Quality assurance of construction materials is vital to construct strong, durable buildings and cost effective structures. While taking an architectural project, you must select the building materials to fulfill the functions that you expected from them. You can use cement/concrete testing equipment in order to check the quality and compactness of the materials, like concrete, steel, cement, aggregates, and building blocks.

Testing of materials is a must thing for all industries, particularly in building and architecture world. This is because if any engineering team fails to check the strength of concrete or cement, it won’t be able to stand any architectural structure and will risk lives and assets. Infrastructural development of a nation results in growth and prosperity of the country. Therefore, using premium quality construction materials should be assessed in proper way inside an accepted lab with standard test methods and instruments.


The key to reliable and sophisticated construction and infrastructure development is the technologies, civil engineering techniques, and the materials used by the team. The list of materials includes steel, cement, bricks, concrete, aggregate, tiles, and other special composites. When proper assessment of properties of these materials is done by experts, quality and durability assurance automatically is delivered.

Cement Testing

Soundness, chemical properties, compressive strength of mortar prisms, and setting time are the few significant factors to consider while testing cement. The chemical properties of the cement affect the performance in all the applications. Compressive strength is the most vital among all other properties and thus, cement testing is always done at lab using standard sand and distilled water prior using it for construction projects.


Fineness is another important property of cement that can be checked and tested by specific testing equipments. The hydration rate, setting time, shrinkage, compressive strength and permeability of cement relies of its fineness. This is the reason why industries perform cement testing and this is how clients get the durable and strong structures.

Objective of testing construction materials is to assure the user about reliability of the construction materials. Engineers take help of several other cement/concrete testing equipments in order to check and test all the properties of the cement. You can find these equipments at online stores and offline shops - for this, you can make a search online and note the names of your local suppliers. Contact them and compare the product range along with the price list.